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We are Anonymous Production, One of Asia’s leading premium interactive digital media, Award winning video producer & Leader in 360 virtual reality(VR) provider from Singapore. Dedicated to the creation of compelling visual content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment endeavors

Established in 2007, Anoymous Production is made up of a team of creative & passionate professionals with more than a decade of multi disciplinary experience under our belts.

Professional, creative, and 100% reliable, Anonymous Production provides a one stop service for all your video & interactive media production needs in Singapore & beyond.


To constantly be on the forefront of Media Trends, and provide Quality and Sophisticated Solutions to any Media Production, Communication and Interactive needs.

Simply put, our real job really is just to unearth the roots of a PROBLEM, and be the SOLUTION.


Our VISION is to constantly Add Value to People & organisation, being a part of Social Awareness & Charity Projects, while being Sustainable in what we do!




[Virtual reality] is currently used to describe an increasingly wide array of computer-generated or mediated environments, experiences and activities ranging from the near ubiquity of video games, to emerging technologies such as tele-immersion, to technologies still only dreamed of in science fiction and only encountered in the novels of William Gibson or Orson Scott Card, on the Holodeck of television’s Star Trek, or at the movies in The Matrix of the Wachowski brothers, where existing VR technologies make possible a narrative about imagined VR technologies. The term “virtual reality” covers all of this vast, and still rapidly expanding, terrain.



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