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About Global Dignity Cambodia

Mission: We help youth and adults to become their best self and help others to achieve the same. Vision: We empower people with dignity. What is the work of Global Dignity Cambodia? Global Dignity Cambodia (GDC) role is to reach out to thousands of children to raise the awareness of […]

NLB Music SG!

Another Project has been done, this time for Singapore’s very own online music portal and local talents: NLB Music SG! Behind the scenes are starring Full pledge Munkees at Esplanade Library, so proud of the team who have partnered to pioneer such an inspiring project for the music and arts […]

Mumbai, Here We Come!

This is the scene at Mumbai airport, 2.30am in the morning, after waiting for an hour for the team’s transport to the hotel for much needed rest. The yellow and black public cabs were numerous but none can fit the number of equipment the team has! Fortunately, the hotel transport […]

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