360VR ASIA’s Online Gallery Walk-through


360VR ASIA’s 360° online gallery walk-through, combining videos and e-services together

The 360 VR Asia team is honored to showcase our journey throughout the years with an immersive and interactive heritage gallery.

Creating a walk-through in hyper-realistic 3D graphics, the audience had the experience of walking through a physical gallery with a 360° view. Making use of this 3D software for the first time ever for an online gallery, a fresh and exciting with its kind experience was created. This saved the monetary, physical land loss and time cost of building an actual physical showcase, one of the concerns that clients would have.

In order for our potential clients and audiences to understand the information easily, the team cohesively linked carefully curated information in the 3D online space through integrating videos and eservices with the our online gallery.

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