360VR Demo

Customised & curated 360° web-based 16 full scale exhibitions

The team was a market leader in revolutionising museum experiences, providing fun and live-like exhibitions with the interactive 360° VR technology and 16K HDRI cameras. Integrating the old artefacts images with modern-day ultra-high dynamic range camera technology, the Terracotta warriors and other heritage artefacts were displayed in maximum realism for the audience.

Using 16K High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras, the exhibition images shot was colour corrected and lighting corrected to the actual ambience of the museum for an immersive museum walkthrough experience. Each educational walkthrough was done with content on different artefacts and their stories, that was linked together for easy understanding from the viewers. To help the client to manage how all information could be put across, the team also came up with educational toolkits for all curators to follow, resulting in a first of its kind innovative and educational museum experience.

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