Confluences is an exhibition about the perspectives of artists and scientists in their approaches and interpretation of art and science. Once deemed diametrically opposed, art is now increasing conjoined with science as many artists are drawing references from scientific ideas and applying them to their artistic practices. At the same time, scientists are also drawing inspirations from their research to create different forms of art such as paintings, photography, video works and modern installations. The synthesis between art, science and other disciplines is a growing momentum which saw the emergence of a new art movement today. Confluences: Intertwining Art and Science presents some compositions of this inter-disciplinary interest.

This exhibition is jointly presented by NTU Museum and NTU Libraries. Highlights of works from 8 artists will be exhibited at the Exhibition Area at the Lee Wee Nam Library and the entire collection of more than 50 artworks will be exhibited in the museum’s purpose-built virtual gallery.

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