EXHIBITIONS ONLINE – LIU KANG A Centennial Celebration


Liu Kang – A Centennial Celebration, 29 July – 16 October 2011 — Lui Kang is one of the most influential artists of his generation in Singapore. He is not only a prolific artist, but also an active leader in pushing the development of art in Singapore through theoretical, political and educational engagements with visual art. Elements of art and tradition from different regions – Europe, Southeast Asia and China – come together in Liu Kang’s art. Although he painted chiefly in oil, a medium in the Western tradition, he followed the traditional practice of Chinese ink painting and is also influenced by batik in the use of bold outlines and broad colour fields. We see a fusion of styles from different cultures in Liu Kang’s works, of which is anchored in Southeast Asian context. Through this exhibition, visitors are invited to go on a journey of exploration into the mind and life of the artist as he assumed multiple roles in his artistic life.

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