HP Inkjet Ink Tour


Hewlett-Packard spent huge amount of budget on the project by expanding expanded an ink plant in Singapore by 10,000 sq. meters to keep up with Asia’s booming digital printer market.

The ink plant expansion invested by Hewlett-Packard has the ability to produce four times more ink than it can be done before.

Besides, Hewlett-Packard also built a showroom in Singapore, allowing the staff to pitch digital printing solutions to corporate clients. With the impressive 21,000-sq.-meter facility, it helped to cater to customers in the Asia-Pacific region. Not just that it helps with B2B business, allowing the printing companies get to be familiar with latest printing technology, it benefits the consumer brands using the space as well.

Nikkei writer, Tani (2014) stated that the amount of printing Hewlett-Packard customers do on digital printers, which allow for short turnaround times and great customization, has grown tenfold over the past 13 years, with Asian customers turning to digital printing at double the pace, according to Hewlett-Packard.

Find out the video with 360 combined content platform created by us below. It is served to allow users to navigate through the 7 processes, it is engaging whilst giving an actual walk-through a leading graphics inkjet manufacturing plant.

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