National Day Parade (NDP) 2017

State of the Art Multi Cam Multi Cast 360° Video Showcase Live on YouTube

For the first time in a nation-wide event, the team introduced a multi 360° camera setup, where viewers get to watch the performers up close and even get a first-hand virtual feel of diving through the air with Singaporeans’ favourite parachute jumpers: The Red Lions.

Bringing the audience to be part of the action, the team created a different NDP experience and involved the audience to be up close and personal with the performers.
To maximise audience’s experience, the team uses various high-end, state-of-the-art 360 video cameras as well as broadcast management systems to create a seamless and superior virtual experience for all viewers. Professional grade optics were used to minimise flare and distortion for clearer visuals under low lighting conditions particularly in the 6 NDP show acts.

Going through the challenges of real-time stitching, calibration and synchronisation of a 4K stream, the team could offer a vastly superior user experience together with the advanced camera system.

Complementing the hardware is the VR production software that allows a single computer system to realise a full-blown multi-camera live VR production. This includes combining the functions to stitch 360° videos, switch between several cameras and render additional graphics and pre-recorded videos, all in real time.

Check out ‘NDP 2017 Live 360°’ here!

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