National Day Parade (NDP) Livestream 2019

First in Asia 360° & 2D Livestream on YouTube

As part of the 50th Anniversary of the Mobile Column and the celebration of Bicentennial Singapore, 360vrAsia executed a 360° & 2D Livestream of the Mobile Column rolling its journey into the heartlands. Together with Xapbox Media, the live activation garnered a total of 60k views on 10th August. The audience were able to track live for each of the 5 locations – Jurong East, Woodlands, Bishan, Punggol & Wisma Geylang Serai.

The team deployed high-tech broadcast and streaming equipment to execute high heat concurrent streaming wirelessly.

Giving the audience a unique view from the tank above, “It was an exciting and memorable family day”, said a Punggol resident. Singaporeans were able to view the actual Mobile Column journeying into the 5 heartland sites as they anticipate their arrival at the Popular Resident Gathering Points (PRGP).

Anonymous Production rolled out 3 marketing videos to promote and raise awareness of the 10th August NDP Heartland Celebrations as posted on the NDPeeps Facebook page – Event Trailer, Educational Video & Post Event Coverage Video. With the Post Event Video showcased during the NDP Appreciation Function, we were honored to have been part of our Nation’s significant celebration!

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