City Hall: If Walls Could Talk 

In conjunction with Singapore’s Bicentennial 2019 celebrations, our team had the pleasure of producing  City Hall: If Walls Could Talk. An immersive multimedia exhibition experience tells the lesser-known stories of pivotal moments that occurred within the walls of this grand dame across her history.

Integrating several projections into the historic space, the City Hall Chamber is brought alive combining soundscapes and visuals to allow visitors to relive her transformation process spanning from past to present. Hosted by youthful protagonist Awang, visitors are brought through a rich storytelling journey as they learn and interact with a large table set in centre stage.

Visual flexibility and greater authority of messaging and emotional impact is engineered with interactive content produced and animated in 3D. Greeted with a large animated watercolour drawing of the National Gallery Singapore and The Supreme Court, the interactive Social Wall presents visitors with a large digital touch screen to locate and navigate key artworks within the Gallery.

‘City Hall: If Walls Could Talk’ is available for public viewing at the National Gallery Singapore till Aug 2021.



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