NDP 2015 #SG50 – Immersive 360 Video

Experience NDP 2015 #SG50 like none other.


Immersive 360 video setting you right into the event.



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First in Asia.

In this year’s NDP – SG50, AP Media used several cameras to capture footage during the event. This gives an immersive experience for the audience, as they are able to “look around” and get a feel of the ambience in midst the crowd.

We managed to record all 3 hours of this years NDP, being the first in Asia to record an event in such a radical view. Play the videos and live through the experience in 360-degree!

360 Video – NDP 2015 (SG50) – Red Lions

360 Video – NDP 2015 (SG50) – Black Knights

360 Video – NDP 2015 (SG50) – RSAF

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