National Heritage Board – Dig deeper in history

The Front Row 2021

Travel back in time to visit four exciting eras in Singapore’s history, starting right here at the Padang!

Step into the shoes of a museum curator and travel through time from the 1800s to early 2000s and uncover intriguing information about Singapore’s history – through a selection of artefacts from the National Museum’s collection!

Set against the backdrop of the historic Padang that was recently gazetted as Singapore’s 75th National Monument, explore a 360-degree view changing landscape and look out for four artefacts hidden within each era.

Learn more about each artefact and select one from each era that you relate to the most, and keep it in your bag to create your very own online exhibition. Upon completing your mission, look out for a special bonus that will allow you to create your own masterpiece based on a prominent painting from the museum’s collection.

Continue your exploration at the National Museum’s Singapore History Gallery to view these artefacts up close!


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