Sheraton – 1 Hour Gem Destination

In partnership with HEA, our creative partner, for Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, we launched a charming campaign designed for busy travellers and businessmen, in the cosmopolitan cities of Singapore and Hong Kong in multimedia “1 Hour Gem” campaign.

Taking into account busy schedules and tight timelines, we crafted a bite-sized “1 hour” centric campaign, spearheaded by a local host showcasing authentically local hideouts and good eats. We also made use of on-property collaterals and key cards to reflect the brand’s holistic vision for the future, involving the celebration of Sheraton as warm, welcoming host of communities from around the world.

 Watch the “1 Hour Gem” for Singapore here:  

https://www.anonymousproduction.com/essential_grid/sheraton-1-hour-gem/ (SG)

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